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If you are looking for the best team building activities in London, which focus on fun and connection - try boxing! We offer a wide range of popular boxing classes in the city, with world class boxers. This is the perfect corporate event and team building experience, which will teach you and your team to box, whilst having fun.

Our skilled team will provide you with the chance have fun with colleagues or friends and increase happiness in our team building corporate events. All of our team building events will give your company the opportunity to try boxing drills, and techniques that are used in amateur and professional boxing clubs.. We have exceptional coaches, who can teach you the art of boxing, thanks to their own, extensive experience in the arena themselves.

Boxing is a really great way to connect with people you work with, to help you work on your own discipline, to handle stress and to improve your self worth.

If you are a business owner or manager and want to skyrocket the wellbeing of your office, boxing is an incredible team building activity to do just that!

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Team Building Events in London for Your Business

If you are looking for the perfect, unusual team building event to prioritise the health and and wellness of your employees, our events our the perfect escape. You can benefit your work environment and help them have higher levels of satisfaction at work. Boxing is an amazing team building activity and has many benefits, including:

Team Building - If you want to increase the productivity, creativity and motivation of your staff, boxing for team bonding is a great way forward. Taking part in a team building event can help to build employee relationships, better cooperation and increase support. Who needs an escape room game when you can explore London's best immersive activities at 12x3!

Stress Relief - Mental health challenges are a common occurrence in the workplace but thanks to the physical nature of boxing, it's a great way to offset tension. Exercise can provide you with positive hormones, such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. It also helps to reduce negative hormones, such as cortisol. This makes attendees become relaxed, calmer and can help them sleep better.

Increase Staff Attendance - Staff who don't do any sports or active hobbies average at least 20 days of sick leave over 4 years, which is a considerable amount of absenteeism. Fitness activities, are truly beneficial for those who are stuck behind a desk all day.

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London's Team Building Events

If you come to any of our classes, private sessions or London team building activities, you can have the reassurance knowing that you are being taught by a skilled and experienced professional boxer. Our team have the abilities and knowledge to make them real authorities in the boxing sector. They can guide you through powerful boxing techniques and you will get outstanding training. We have a whole team of amazing teachers, including Menay Edwards who has fought nationally and Jimmy McDonnell, who has been a teacher to Olympic medalists, amongst many others.

Our Founders

Darren Barker - Darren has in-depth experience in the field of boxing and is one of our two founders. He is an expert boxer and has many belts, including British, European and Commonwealth titles. He was one of the original people to sign with Eddie Hearn and he has had an impressive boxing career.

Ryan Pickard - Ryan also cofounded 12x3 and has had a great deal of boxing success, himself. He has captained for both country and club and has fought in more than 100 boxing fights, having won Youth Commonwealth and Senior EU Bronze.

Are you trying to arrange your next corporate Christmas event or work party and looking for team building ideas? Forget about escape rooms, team building games or a treasure hunt! If you want adventure and competitive challenges, try our friendly experiences in London. Balance all that food, drink, wine, cocktails and bar trips with a our incredible sports activities in London!

If you would like to find out further information on Corporate Team Building in London, near the River Thames, contact us today by calling 02080 324067, or by emailing us on today. Alternatively look at our schedule.

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femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
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