Nothing beats boxing.

It’s pound for pound, the best workout on the planet. We could talk about the benefits, the total body workout, the lean, toned body. But it’s  more than that.

Exhilaration, positivity, confidence. It’s like a runner’s high, if that runner was being chased by a bear. Boxing makes you feel that little bit bad-ass. So go on.

Be Bad. Feel Good.



Aldgate     Paddington



Aldgate     Paddington


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Best boxing gym in London by a mile, I’ve been to most others. This a is a unique gym that stays true to the sport and have helped me become better than I ever thought I could be. Trainers are highly skilled and a pleasure to work with

Nick B

They never said it would be this hard to punch a bag, but they never told you how satisfying it would be.
Each instructor will bring something new to your game, with a great community to encourage and drive you through those dig deep sessions.
Well worth the intro sessions, and never looked back since joining.

James McGuinness

As someone who is older and looking to stay fit, 12x3 has been an amazing find. The combination of real boxing classes and fitness make it ideal for people who want to get back in shape or improve upon from where they currently are. The staff is super and the value for money is outstanding when compared to the many choices now present in London.

Alex Adamopoulos