Nothing beats boxing.

It’s pound for pound, the best workout on the planet. We could talk about the benefits, the total body workout, the lean, toned body. But it’s  more than that.

Exhilaration, positivity, confidence. It’s like a runner’s high, if that runner was being chased by a bear. Boxing makes you feel that little bit bad-ass. So go on.

Be Bad. Feel Good.



Aldgate     Paddington



Aldgate     Paddington


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Best boxing gym in London by a mile, I’ve been to most others. This a is a unique gym that stays true to the sport and have helped me become better than I ever thought I could be. Trainers are highly skilled and a pleasure to work with

Nick B

Very welcoming...great vibe...talented and encouraging coaches...It was starting at 12x3 that got me into boxing and now I'm hooked. There's a variety of different types of classes, so there really is something for everyone, despite your ability. There's also a real sense of community in the gym which makes it a great place to be. If you like boxing then you MUST check out 12x3!!!

Charlotte Perry

Very good gym, my endurance has clearly improved over the past year. Sparring is good here too, not only the coaches are good, but also the people attending - seems like people genuinely try to learn and not just whack each other for the heck of it. You will get what you want out of this gym - either hardcore conditioning, body sparring or full sparring, the variety of classes is great.

Alexei Gofman