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For the best team building events that London has to offer, Boxing with world class professionals is the number one choice! You will learn how to box with boxing champions.

Our specialist team building activities in London, will give you the opportunity to enhance your wellbeing, improve mental health and have fun. All while you engage in an incredible, team-building activity. All of our sessions involve boxing drills and tried and tested techniques that are used at both amateur and professional boxing club.

This means that you'll learn the real skills of boxing, whilst having a great time. We have award winning coaches, who will help you to experience the very best in boxing methods, using their own experience.

Boxing is a fantastic way to bond with colleagues and friends, skyrocket confidence, deal with tension and find inner-discipline, so it's a superb option if you want team building activities.

If you're a business, looking to skyrocket the happiness and wellbeing of your workers, using boxing for corporate events is an ideal solution.

Team Building Activities London
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Corporate Team Building Events London - Team Building Activities in London

Making fitness, health and happiness priorities in the work environment can help employees feel fully supported. Boxing is an incredible corporate wellbeing and team building event in London as it has many different benefits, which include:

Team Building In London - Corporate private boxing is the perfect way to increase motivation, help with productivity and boost creativity in your company. More importantly, taking part in a team building experience can really help to create great relationships in your office, building mutual support, communication and increase collaboration.

Stress Relief - Thanks to the various elements of boxing, it creates amazing, positive hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. It can also help limit stressful hormones like cortisol, helping attendees to be less stressed, much calmer and supporting you to sleep better. Boxing also helps with focus and mindfulness, which also makes your team happier, healthier and more productive.

Increase Staff Attendance - It has been proven that there is a considerably greater rate of absenteeism within employees who don't take do any sports, averaging about 20 days off over the period of 4 years. Doing sport activities, especially for those who spend the whole day at a desk, is crucial to wellbeing.

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London's Top Team Building Ideas - Team Building Venues

All of our private team building events and 1-2-1 boxing training in London, are taught by a wide range of legitimate, boxing world champions. They have cultivated their own practice over the years, making them genuine authorities in their field. They have the knowledge and experience to teach you world-class techniques, so you will receive exceptional teaching, perfect for your unique, London team building event.

We have many talented teachers, so you will receive an outstanding quality of learning, from all of our instructors. Our friendly teachers will provide you with a unique, exciting and creative team bonding activity.

Why go to an escape room, when you can have far more fun with us? We run indoor sessions for a range of group sizes, which are designed to work around the needs of your party. Our popular events are great for teams and are located at our perfect venue, close to the River Thames, in London's Aldgate area.

The Founders of Our London Club

Darren Barker - Darren is a skilled, international champion and one of our 12x3 founders. He is renowned in the boxing field and has a large number of title belts, including European, Commonwealth and British championship wins.

Ryan Pickard - Ryan is our other 12x3 cofounder and is a highly talented boxer, himself. He has been captain at both local and country levels. He has also fought in 100 boxing fights, winning titles like Senior EU Bronze and Youth Commonwealth.

Contact us on 02080 324067 today, to book in your team building activities in London, or have a look at our schedule, to find out how we can provide the ideal escape for your London based teams. Whether you want to spice up your Christmas party this year, balance all the food, drink and games with something more energetic or preempt that wine or cocktail bar in the city with something good for you, we can help! Escape rooms, crazy golf or even a treasure hunt game may give you short lived excitement but boxing brings you challenge and adventure that can last a lifetime!

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femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
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