Team Building Ideas London

March 15, 2023

Team Building Ideas in London

We know it can be challenging when you’re trying to organise a team building activity and are trying to find ideas to please everyone! As we all know, London is a hub of activity but narrowing down a fun, stress-relieving, team building idea, that everyone can enjoy can be a struggle. If you are looking for an idea that can cater to all tastes, fitness levels and can really bring your team together, look no further than 12x3. We have the best team building activities London has to offer!

For great team building activities in London, private boxing classes with world class professionals, are the ideal all-round activity. Our incredible sessions boast a wide range of fun features, including techniques and drills, which are used in novice and expert boxing throughout the world. Your team will discover how to box like pros, whilst having fun, and becoming closer as a team.

Our coaches are all highly qualified, award winning and they will help you make the most out of your London team building session.

The Benefits of Boxing for Your Team:

  1. Team Bonding – Boxing is an amazing corporate team building activity. Not only does it help to encourage a more constructive mindset, it can also help with focus, productivity and dealing with challenges, as an organisation.
  2. Stress Relief – One of the many advantages of boxing as a team building idea, is that it is a great way to relieve tension. Stress is one of the major issues within many workplaces and taking part in boxing is the perfect antidote. Boxing helps to increase hormones like endorphins and serotonin, to help build a more positive working environment.
  3. Increases Attendance – Studies have shown that staff who do more exercise, have less absenteeism than those who don’t do any kind of sport. It is essential for those who spend all day at a desk as that can have an incredibly negative effect on wellness.
  4. Improves Creativity – Learning something new can help to keep your mind fresh and this is something that is crucial in the workplace! When your team attend a boxing class, their blood will be pumping, their stress reduced and they will feel more energised. This is the perfect state to get creative when they return to work!
  5. More Motivation – Team building together can help make your team closer. Going out of the office and having fun by boxing together, can help foster promote interactions. This can then help make relationships at work more pleasant and help people to feel more motivated to work together in a more constructive way.

Our team building boxing classes are perfect, all-round team building sessions. One of our experts will take you through a range of techniques and exercises, suited to all levels and abilities. Our sessions are inclusive and catered perfectly to your organisation. We will give your employees the chance to bond on a new level, by sharing an exciting new activity together. If you would like more information on team building ideas in London, contact us today to find out more.

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