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12x3 Boxing is a first class boxing gym, based in central London. Our world class teachers focus on teaching our students the real skills of boxing. All of our teachers are experts in their field and have thorough experience as boxers themselves, so are able to offer outstanding classes and 1-2-1 teaching.

Our club was founded by longstanding boxing legends, Ryan Pickford and Darren Barker, who have each reached incredible heights within boxing. At our boxing gym, we will show you how to box like a professional, in both our classes and individual sessions. Every one of our coaches has achieved incredible things within boxing, including having won many titles themselves, as well as coaching hundreds, if not thousands of other people. We will help you to build your own confidence and skills, so you can get all the physical and mental benefits that boxing can deliver. We are proud to be able to offer the highest levels of coaching within the community.

Train with the Best of the Best

Even if you've never attended a boxing class before, or you have already been to a class but want to build on your skillset, we can help. We have a selection of different classes available and will have the right solution for your ability and skill level. We have a great team of fantastic coaches, who will help you to become more confident,  stronger and learn to really enjoy the art of boxing. All of our training sessions include drills which are used in both amateur and professional boxing clubs, so you will really be taught the real expertise behind boxing well and you can use them to get to where you want to be, whether that's becoming a boxer yourself or simply getting fitter, healthier and happier.

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Boxing Classes and Training with True Professionals

Our gym is based in Aldgate, East London, within easy reach of public transport and the rest of the city. Our classes are suitable for all levels, from complete novices, all the way up to seasoned boxers, who are looking to progress their skills to perfection.

We know that learning is different for every person, so we offer many different classes and we have something that suits everybody. That means if you like a group class, or prefer a 1-2-1 boxing session, we will have something that is suitable. Even if you aren't sure about the thought of contact boxing, you can come to us and learn without hitting or being hit. Equally, if you want to expand on your abilities, we have sparring classes to help you build on what you learn within the ring.

Are you a Novice Boxer?

Are you a beginner to boxing? Don't worry, we can help you ease into boxing, whilst enjoying the process! When you first come to our club, we will ensure that you feel relaxed and happy to start your journey into boxing! We normally ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your class starts, so that we have time to give you a tour around the gym and so that you can meet some of our incredible team members.

Our coaches at 12x3 plan their classes based on their own experience, allowing you to gain from their personal knowledge.

Boxing Classes in Central London
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Find Out About Our Team 

Discovering boxing is an incredible way of expanding yourself on both physical and mental levels, so you not only increase your fitness but also improve your mental health. When you attend our boxing club, we give you the chance to train with outstanding boxing champions. Boxing is the perfect way to have a fun and challenging workout, which helps you build your strength and stamina, while letting you release stress. We have a range of great classes available, so have a look at our class timetable for further details. We have many classes on offer, including classes that focus on technique, or more energy intensive classes, like those run by the wonderful Maisey Rose.

Boxing Classes in Central London - Our Founders

Ryan Pickard - Incredibly, Ryan has over 100 wins in his boxing career, and has been captain for both his club and the country. His titles include Youth Commonwealth Gold, Senior EU Bronze and Junior World Silver.

Darren Barker - Darren has been in the boxing industry for many years and is an IBF World Champion, as well as having an incredible career as Eddie Hearns first signing. He has won Commonwealth, European and British titles and has also presented on Dazn Boxing and Matchroom.

For more information on boxing classes in central London and our membership options, call us today on 020 8032 4067.

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femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
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