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Welcome 12x3 Boxing. For the best boxing in London, look no further than 12x3! We have an expert boxing team, who have extensive experience both teaching and competing in boxing. We can teach you the real skills of boxing, in our 1-2-1 sessions and classes.

Our club was founded by boxers, Darren Barker and Ryan Pickford, who have both got extensive experience competing in boxing. Our gym has been created to be the best of the best, so you can have the reassurance that you will receive an incredible education. All of our coaches are outstanding boxers, and many are title winners in their own right. Our team are dedicated to helping you become fitter and healthier as you learn how to box. Boxing is an exceptional sport for mind and body and has many merits. We offer first class levels of boxes to our students, to make sure that you can really get the most out of boxing.

What type of classes are available?

There are many different classes on offer at 12x3, giving you a range of choices whether you are a novice or experienced boxer. We have many classes available, so you will have the right choice for your skill level. We know that it can feel intimidating if you've never boxed before, but our classes are perfect for total amateurs upwards. If you have been boxing for a while, we can also help you advance your skills, with our coaching. Our classes have drills that are used in professional boxing clubs, so you know that you'll learn the real art of boxing, whilst you improve your health and fitness.

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12x3 Boxing Classes

We are located in Aldgate, East London, which is easy to reach from the rest of the city.

We know that everyone approaches learning differently, so we provide many different learning solutions. We offer general group classes, private group sessions (which are perfect for team building) and individual training, which can be designed around your needs. We understand that not everybody likes the idea of contact boxing when they begin to learn, so we can teach you without hitting and being hit, as well as offering sparring sessions if you would like to try.

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We will provide support and guidance through every step of your journey with us, so there's no need to feel apprehensive. When you first come to our gym, we make sure that you feel relaxed as you get to know our gym. We request that you get here 15 minutes before your class. We will then show you around the gym, and introduce you to some of our friendly community.

Our talented coaches teach their classes based around their own individual expertise. This gives you the option of learning from a range of abilities and aptitudes.

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Why Should You Come to 12x3?

Boxing can be a great way to enhance your fitness and mental health. When you come to our gym, you will learn skills from some exceptionally talented boxing champions, who will help you to feel great, whilst managing stress levels. We have many amazing classes at your disposal, just look at our timetable to find the best one for you. We have some classes that are high energy, some that focus on the science of boxing, ones that prioritise bag work and others that focus on your technique. You can have the reassurance that there will be a class to suit your requirements.

Our Founders

Darren Barker - Darren is a world champion, who has many years of experience. He has won European, Commonwealth and British titles, and presented for Matchroom and Dazn Boxing.

Ryan Pickard - Ryan has more than 100 wins and has captained for country, as well as winning Junior World Silver, EU Bronze and Youth Commonworth Gold.

If you would like further information on our boxing gym, call on 020 8032 4067. Or read our Privacy Policy.

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femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
femal boxing coach and boxer training
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