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BOX. train. RECOVER.

Whether you want to box for fitness or master the noble art, TwelveThree is the perfect place.

Alongside boxing, our class program incorporates every aspect of a boxer's training, including running, circuits, weights, stretching and mobility work.

Our range of small group classes, combined with experienced boxing coaches and conditioning specialists will leave you feeling incredible, whatever your size, shape or ability.



BoxCon is TwelveThree’s signature class it provides a total body workout, regardless of skills and experience.


Want to master the noble art without getting hit ? Get your ‘Gloves On’ and improve your boxing.


Grab your gum shield, ‘Ringcraft’ is our boxing with contact class, for those who want to climb through the ropes and put everything they have learnt into practice.


man working out on treadmill


A 30-minute interval based treadmill class using speed, inclines and prowlers. This class is how a boxer builds their stamina and endurance and gets you to full beast mode.

girl doing push-up whilst coach watches

HIiT & move

If you really want to see results from your exercise routine this is the class! Hiit & Move is a 50-minute class all about conditioning to ensure you can go the distance and shed those extra pounds to make weight!

man doing weights in gym


This class is all about strength work. PWR is a full-body workout combining bodyweight and ruthless resistance work designed to get your stronger, more powerful and looking better in the buff!


girl practicing yoga

YOGA for boxers

Boxing requires absolute control of the body, mind, breath, emotions, and surrounding atmosphere. It demands deep concentration, excellent mind-body coordination, and exceptional physical and cardiovascular strength. Not only is yoga great for the mind, but it improves many components of athleticism that are essential to boxers performance.

girl stretching out in gym


Every boxer knows recovery is as important as training. Stretch should be part of everybody's weekly routine, no matter your goal. A 50-minute session which includes stretching, mobility and trigger point work that helps you move better, prevents Injury and promotes recovery.