No Guts No Glory

Personal Coaching

Make the most of your time at 12x3 with a tailored boxing and fitness program delivered by your own personal coach.

Gloves On

A non contact, total workout including bag work, drills and circuits. With 12x3 rounds, this is the complete package.


A pure strength and fitness class based on a boxers training plan. No gloves, just hard work and dedication.

Ring Craft

An old school boxing coaching class, for those that want to develop as a boxer. Be prepared for light contact.

Boxing Benefits

Boxers need a fully rounded physical ability. Our experience in world championship level boxing has taught us to focus on six key areas of training. Each of these six areas is equally important to becoming a complete boxer.


Training for speed allows you to be more explosive in the way you punch, and just as importantly, the speed with which you move your feet in and out of range.


The distance of a title fight is 12 x 3 minute rounds. Having the engine to last the distance is vital. Rhythm, pace and composure are key.


Physical strength helps a boxer gain positive position in the ring and helps them hold their ground when under pressure: functional strength training helps to improve this.


The art of boxing is to hit and not be hit. A boxer’s footwork and agility is at the heart of this: movement, balance, even power, all come from positioning your feet.


Timing is at the core of a boxer’s ability. Speed and timing equals power. Training the hands, eyes and feet to work in sync will improve timing.


To climb through those ropes takes courage, confidence, composure, determination, desire. With coaching you can develop a mental toughness you may not have thought you possessed. This is the most important asset to becoming a champion.