Greatness is not a measure of how
great you are, but how great others
came to be because of you


Boxing can teach you far more than how to throw a punch. 12x3 founders Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard met at Repton Boxing Club in the East End, became sparring partners, and went on to ght for club and country: Darren became world champion and Ryan captained Repton and England. Both feel very strongly about paying homage to the roots that inspired 12x3: Repton Boxing Club, where they grew into who they are today..


They are passionate about bringing their experience to all comers, not just those wishing to compete as boxers. Anyone is welcome at 12x3 as long as they have desire. It’s a club with a strong sense of community and belonging, and Darren and Ryan want to inspire others in the same way they’ve been inspired by the green and gold of Repton. Both were coached by the legendary Tony Burns MBE so they understand the importance of a great coach and the special relationship you build with them. There are no big classes at 12x3 and every coach is authentic: all have boxed at senior levels and learnt humility and respect in the ring..


Boxing is a thrilling way of getting incredibly t, and 12x3 is a traditional boxing gymnasium with the details all derived from Repton. Darren and Ryan believe in old school techniques so there’s no complicated machinery or ashing lights. Repton boxers train the same way they have since 1884: when you train with us you’ll feel this passion and this history.
There is a deeper meaning to this club. On the wall of 12x3 you’ll read the slogan “No Guts No Glory”, which comes from Repton Boxing Club. Those days when you’re struggling, the slogan will help you just as it helped all those champions that passed through Repton’s doors. No Guts No Glory: if you don’t have the courage to try, you’ll never succeed..