What are the benefits of yoga?

February 1, 2020

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

(Check out our new yoga classes!)

As a gym renowned for boxing, you may be wondering why we have introduced our new Yoga class. Although it seems a million miles from the boxing ring, you may be surprised at the mutual skills both yoga and boxing require. As well as being incredibly good for the mind, believe it or not - yoga has a lot of health benefits which are useful when in the ring. Both of these sports require controlling the body, mind, emotions and breath. If you are an experienced boxer, your strength and concentration is likely to make you a yoga expert too. We have put together some of the advantages yoga offers and hopefully inspire you to give yoga a try! 

1.   Improved strength and flexibility – Yoga helps stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles. Gain strength in all areas of your abs, arms, legs and shoulders; different yoga poses works a range of muscles which you may be missing in strength training! It is a common misconception that you have to be flexible to practice yoga, any flexibility ability can enjoy yoga and notice their flexibility level increase.

2.   Improved balance – Yoga improves your mobility and balance as it requires minor adjustments of weight to keep certain poses and remain balanced. This is key in improving your core strength and in turn becoming more agile in the ring and promoting coordination when dodging punches!

3.   Increased energy – Yoga provides an energy boost and allows you to maintain energy levels for longer (a very valuable skill to have when boxing!)Learn to extend your energy reserves through body and breathing techniques.  

4.   Better breathing techniques – Many people associate deep breathing techniques to yoga practice. Breathing methods give you a balanced feeling and have additional benefits such as increased lung capacity. Keeping your breathing calm and slowing your heart rate gives you an increased capability to make fast decisions – something boxing requires in great abundance.

5.   Heightened Mindfulness – When practicing yoga, you are fully focused on the sensations in your mind and body when practicing a certain pose.This mindfulness often teaches you to focus on the precise moment you are in.This can lead to a heightened conscious level of your surroundings, reduced blood pressure and increased self-control when it comes to your mental state.  

As you can see from this list – the benefits which come from practicing yoga are extremely valuable for both inside and outside of the boxing ring. Why not give yoga a try?

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