Top Tips for Training to Box

February 13, 2020

Top tips for boxing beginners

Why boxing?

It is great that you are considering starting boxing! Boxing has numerous benefits for your health and wellbeing which you may not find in other sports. Boxing offers a complete body workout – sparring and heavy bag workouts provide both cardio and muscle building. Boxing improves your strength and coordination skills drastically as it requires dodging and throwing punches simultaneously whilst keeping your wits about you! It is not an easy sport, but once you have mastered the basics,you will reap the benefits. Not only is it an excellent physical workout, it provides several benefits for your mind too. Boxing can be a real stress-buster and allows you to take all your anger and tension out in a relaxed and safe environment. Not only this, you may find that boxing gives you more confidence as it gives you faith in your abilities and your decisions inside and outside of the ring.

Our top tips!

So, you have decided you want to train to box. Make sure that you are prepared both physically and mentally for the challenge to come! We have put together some tips for beginners who want to make the most of their training:

1.   Find a reputable boxing gym (you can check this off!) – Itis vital to learn from experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to be the best boxer you can be. An experienced coach will teach you all of the correct form and technique, so you can put these best practices into place. 12x3 coaches are all highly experienced with many holding national and international titles – you really will be learning from the very best.

2.   Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep – Boxing usually burns between 400-700 calories in half an hour. You will sweat a lot, so it is essential you stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep to ensure you keep your energy levels up.

3.   Learn to control your breathing – It is important to breathe correctly when boxing. The main technique is to breathe out when throwing a punch and breathe in through your diaphragm when you are hit. We would recommend our ‘Yoga for Boxers’ class if you want to improve breathing control and even improve your strength and flexibility.

4.   Refine your technique before any contact – The last thing you want to do is enter the ring feeling unprepared. We would recommend our ‘Gloves On’ class to improve your technical skills which includes bag work, drills and circuits.

5.   Develop your cardio skills - Boxing itself can improve cardio, but it isn’t enough if you want to begin sparring. If you really want to improve your stamina and endurance skills, then our ‘Roadwork’ class is perfect for you. It is a 30-minute interval-based treadmill class which prepares you for being in the ring.

6.   Be patient and have fun! – You will not become a champion boxer overnight and learning the many skills which boxing involves can take time. Itis vital to enjoy your time training and not training.

Take advantage of the expertise we have at 12x3 and see how our coaches can help you become a better boxer. All of our classes are constructed to help you improve stamina,endurance, mobility, strength, conditioning and technical skills which are all required in boxing. Have a look at our latest offers and book in for a beginner’s class such as ‘Boxcon’ at one of our gyms in Aldgate or Paddington. We look forward to welcoming you!

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