How to Box

March 23, 2020

How to Box

Do you want to learn to box?

If you have made the decision to give boxing a try, you have come to the right place! 12x3 are a specialist boxing gym who offer everyone the chance to learn to box. Our coaches are all experienced in their own right (we have some world champion Boxers!) and are dedicated to improving your boxing skills and prowess. Our gym was founded by Darren Barker - who has British, European, Commonwealth and World title belts in his name and Ryan Pickard - who has been boxing since he was just 7 years old and has had over 100 fights in his career.

You may be considering learning how to box for many reasons. Whether it is to improve your fitness, feel more confident or optimise your wellbeing, boxing has lots of benefits which you will soon discover! It is difficult to know where to start once you decide to begin boxing - and that is what we are here for! We welcome boxers of all abilities to our gyms (in both Paddington and Aldgate) to learn from the very best around. We are a friendly bunch who work hard to make the gym a fun and welcoming place to work out. Here are some basic tips and tricks on what you need to ensure you are off to a great start in boxing:

  1. Work on skills separately before getting into the ring - Stepping into the ring is actually not what you should be starting with! You can work on some skills you require to be a champ boxer, without actually boxing. For example, cardio work like running will improve your endurance. For this, we would recommend our 'Roadwork' class which is a treadmill based class. You can work on improving your strength which will gain you more muscle - for this we would recommend our 'PWR' class which is designed to get you stronger and more powerful.
  2. Get the right equipment - This is vital in order to prevent injury. Look for quality rather than the cheapest as this will last longer. You will need hand wraps, boxing gloves, headgear and mouthguards as the basics. If you are visiting us at the gym for a class to try boxing out - then you can borrow our gloves and we sell wraps for just £5!
  3. Time to learn to punch - There are many types of punches for you to get the hang of including jabs, uppercuts, crosses, hooks and more. They all have different advantages to use at different times in the ring.
  4. Practice your footwork - Footwork is just as important as punching in boxing! It involves a lot of balance and coordination as you switch your weight from one foot to the other - moving around the ring effectively.
  5. Work on your defense techniques - Learning good defensive techniques is a must when it comes to boxing. You must use all parts of your body to block and dodge punches. We would recommend our 'Gloves on' class which is designed to give you all of the technical skills you need for the boxing ring, without any contact.
  6. Eventually... learn to spar - This gives you a realistic idea of what it is like to fight an actual opponent in the ring. We would recommend our 'Ring Craft' class which is a contact class and gives you the full boxing experience to put all of your newly learned skills into practice.

If you are serious about learning to box, then there is nowhere better to give you the lessons and skills to reach the top of your game. If you wish to try out 12x3 - take a look at our latest offers to get some deals on classes. If it is your first time with us, make sure you arrive 15 minutes early and we will get to know you and show you around! Get in touch if you have any questions or wish to find out more.

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