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Whitechapel Gym

12x3 Whitechapel Gym - offering boxing training, fitness classes and personal training for all abilities.

Whitechapel Gym

We are 12x3, we have 2 locations - one close to Whitechapel in Aldgate. At 12x3, we specialise in boxing but and offer a range of training programmes and exercise classes to suit all abilities and people with all fitness goals.

We offer Open Gym sessions whereby you can book a 2 hour slot during off peak hours and use our gym freely to train yourself. However, sparring and ring work is prohibited. We offer a range of classes to include circuits, weights, mobility work, running, stretching and boxing. Some of our most popular classes include:

  • Gloves on - A non-contact complete workout which includes drills and circuits. Improve your boxing skills without any punching!
  • Ring craft - A boxing with contact class to put all of your learned skills into practice. Includes tactical coaching and drills to learn technical and body sparring techniques.
  • Hiit & Move - A results driven class focusing on conditioning and shedding extra pounds.
  • Conditioning - A strength and fitness class - no gloves, just hard work.

See all of our Whitechapel gym classes here.

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What makes us unique?

We are very proud of our list of outstanding personal trainers and coaches who are extremely established and experienced. We even have some world boxing champions on our team - you really will be learning from the best! See our coaches here. Our trainers are friendly, approachable and focus on helping you gain skill and achieve your goals.

We have small class sizes (only 8 people per class) which means you will receive a lot of one-on-one training with your coach. We welcome all abilities and will be on hand to guide you through your workout or class whether you are a novice or an expert.

At our gym, there are luxury showers, towels and toiletries available for use. We offer lockers for you to use during your session but we ask you do not use them overnight. We sell padlocks for these, should you require one.

If it is your first visit to 12x3, please arrive with plenty of time so we can show you around and introduce you to our coaches. This will help you to feel at ease and prepared for your class.

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We often offer workshops such as 'Pad Workshop' and 'Boxing Fundamentals' which are there to further your skills more than a class. See what workshops we are currently offering here.

See our Aldgate class schedule here. We regularly put out special offers for newbies to take advantage of if you would like to try out our Whitechapel gym. If you have any questions - please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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