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Boutique Gyms London

12x3 Gym - a boutique gym offering luxury facilities, engaging fitness classes and coaching by world class trainers!

London Boutique Gym

12x3 are boutique gym with 2 locations in London situated in Aldgate and Paddington. Known predominantly as a premium boxing gym, we also offer a range of luxury training programmes and fitness classes that suit people of all abilities.

Open gym sessions are available at both London locations - 2 hour slots can be booked during off peak hours and you can make the most of our luxury facilities to train at your leisure.

Choose from a variety of fitness classes: circuits, weights, running, mobility work, stretching and boxing. The most popular fitness classes are: 

  • Yoga - Improve your mind and body, strengthen posture, and improve cardiovascular and physical strength
  • Boxcon - 12x3's signature fitness class offering an all over body workout
  • Hiit & Move - Shed pounds and condition your body with this results driven fitness class
  • Conditioning - A total body workout, focusing on strength  

Our other workout classes can be found here.

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Why 12x3?

12x3 are a unique boutique gym, well-known for our amazing coaches and personal trainers who are some of the leading trainers in the country (we even have world class boxing champions as part of our team!) Take a look at our list of coaches here. Friendly, approachable and driven to get you the right results, our trainers work with you to make sure you attain your goals.

Being a boutique gum, our classes are small (only 8 people per class), allowing us to focus on each member and provide a level of one-to-one training that you won't receive in a standard gym class. All abilities are welcome, for classes and boxing training.

Facilities are premium in nature with luxury showers, towels, toiletries and lockers ready to use at your leisure.  

Come down and try one of our classes, we even have some special offers so that you can see what we are all about. If it is your first time at 12x3 we will show you around and introduce you to our coaches, ensuring you feel completely at ease and are well-prepared to start your first class with us.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions - we look forward to seeing you at 12x3! 

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